Gambling has destroyed my life

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Have you ever considered self-destruction or suicide as a result of your gambling? The last one struck Alonzo hard. “The entire flight home,” he says, “I had this feeling that the only thing I could do was to kill myself… I know that it sounds silly or over-dramatic, but I kept thinking about my life insurance.”

Actually, not by gambling but by being a gambler. I play live a lot, so the social aspect of my life now revolves around poker. I rarely have a conversationAt the end of the day, gambling/poker is just one aspect of someones life. and some people will destroy their live no matter what they do and they are... Drugs Destroyed My Life Drugs destroyed my life and they have never been in my body. Drugs reached its claws through the ones closest to me and dug into my life.Please remember that I just busted my butt academically in the two hardest semesters of my life and I'm exhausted. I don't want to think about classes or my... Online gambling has ruined my life | Safe gambling on the… Slot & Poker ► Gambling ► Online gambling has ruined my life.Portal for free MMORPG games. Crossout Crossout is a Free to play MMO Shooter The world has near been destroyed and the aftermath has left what remains of civilization fighting each other for domination or survival, using... More Education Required to Highlight Dangers of Gambling… While all addictions can destroy lives, a gambling addiction directly affects family members and loved ones of the person with the illness.Many sports stars have opened up about their problems with gambling and have spoken out about how the illness has affected their lives.

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I was gonna get a job but I've won so much money gambling it ruined my life, instead of working 60 hours a week for 40k Im making 60k a year doing nothing, woe is me gambling has destroyed me ... Gambling destroyed my life - Sportsbook Review Gambling destroyed my life Let the truth be known. ... Gambling has destroyed my relationships with family, friends, it destroyed everything I have and ate through everything I had like termites ... Signs of the Times

Jul 26, 2006 · I have a gambling problem, it has destroyed my life, I have tried GA and others what else can I do? I am strong and hate asking for help, so Ill ask my fellow yahoo'ers since I know none of you personally, I have have a sickness and everything I try wont break my addiction, my wife is on her last chance with me and I want to become a better

Gambling has destroyed me and ruined my life! : Gambling ... Hi, when I was in my late teens, my life was looking promising. I was happy, popular, confident, ambitious, and just someone who loved life. ... Online gambling has ruined my life | Gambling Therapy

A majority of my life have been into particular types of drugs, nothing hard like crack, heroin or cocaine.(which I have never tried.)

I have ruined my life by going on porn sites. I have spent hundreds of precious hours of my life going from one image to the next and I'm addicted to it.We are selling our house, rearranging our lives, moving on and starting over because of my sex addiction. I'm 49 years old, with low self esteem... My name is Guy, and I've had a gambling problem for over 20… I have also had relationships break down due to the debt I was in. For me, it all started in my early 20s when I won 100 pounds on a lottery scratch card.You have to remember that gambling addiction is like taking a drug that will eventually destroy your life. My Boyfriend's Gambling Addiction Destroyed Our… He always found an excuse to gamble. From fantasy football leagues and horse racing bets toThe spark that used to appear in his eyes when he discussed his career had vanished and finally, heHe didn’t hesitate to sacrifice his life savings for his addiction. It was the most reckless behavior I had...

It has been a painful road, but today I am completely free from the sin of pornography. I have destroyed that part of my life.

Gambling Destroyed My Life, But I Support Legalization ... I Support Legalizing All Forms of Gambling* Yes, despite gambling destroying my life, creating a mountain of debt I’m still paying off, and bringing me to such a dark place that suicide was one of the doors I saw as a path out, I think we should legalize all forms of gambling in all ways (in-person & online)*. Gambling has ruined my life - Gambling has ruined my life. Guest Guest #1. 24-02-2010, 12:07 AM . I am a 29 yr old guy who has been gambling since the age of 18 yrs. Not until last year though was ...